Poirot’s faithfulness

We adopted our little Bichon-Lhasa mix a few years ago.  He was the first boy to join our ‘Glenwood Gals.’

He had three feline sisters, and one tolerated him. . .a little.  Unfortunately we have since lost two of the sisters.  ‘Poirot’  now pals around with a feline brother , ‘Leif’. . .and tries to make friends with the feline survivor, Joy.

Our household had at one time two moms and four feline sisters.  Kept us busy–running to Costco for bags of discounted clumping litter.  Since we still read print newspapers we have a stock of floor mats too.  The hardest thing about felines is that some of them live up to the persnickety reputation shown in commercials.  Joy especially.  Her hardscrabble life before letting herself be found in November 2008 must have included her fascination with water.  If she lived in Old Testament times she would have been recruited by Gideon, since she prefers to use her paw to scoop up water!  She will only eat “dry” food however.  Occasionally Sharon can coax a little tuna juice inside her but NO TUNA.  It means that the poor boys Leif and Poirot will be served leftovers a few minutes later.

I will share more endearing tidbits in future posts.